Saturday, November 7, 2015

extra 21 growing 1 tablet and PC

lesson 1  CCTV / CNTV
"growing up with Chinese" (intermediate)

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( concerning all my posts )
Please tell me if something is not displayed properly !

Read aloud and draw as often as you can ...
Two versions here : TABLET and DESKTOP PC

Browser : google chrome mobile

Move the cursor of the video, back and forth !
Smartphone : horizontal screen
 (lock : no auto-rotation) 

Zoom in !
   ... so the board will occupy
      ... almost all the width of the screen.

[ handwriting ]

LINE DICTIONARY : deleting a word
do it from the sketchpad for handwriting
(better in Android, no bug)

Browser : google chrome 

+ archive list at the foot of this page
( have a look at the first lessons )

Video cursor : 
On a desktop PC, you may use the arrow keys
to go back and forth + or - 5 secondes. 
(point to the progress bar first and hit 'space' key)


For each video, a pdf script can be downloaded (Flash content).



 7  https://youtu.be/lOBBjKTntnA

Beginner level / series :

Elementary level / series :

Intermediate level / series :

Upper-intermediate level / series :

Easy movie series :

Easy cartoons :

   in progress...to be continued...

[archive list at the foot of this page]

extra 580 : hit to enlarge

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